Press Release: ‘The Country Tales with Rodderick & Mabel Rat and their Allotment Friends’ by Lynn Carter



Title: The Country Tales with Rodderick & Mabel Rat and their Allotment Friends

Lynn Carter

Published by Michael Terence Publishing

Available Amazon, Kindle and local bookshops.

It’s a challenging time for our wildlife and none more so than for the animal and bird friends who live secretly amongst the allotment plots on the edge of a once-sleepy town. Rodderick and Mabel Rat have made their home under the shed of plot 59 but their world is about to turn upside down when they discover gravel quarrying and the building of a new housing estate next door have displaced their badger friends the Bodgers, and Ruby, a lonely deer. Neighbouring wildlife is already moving in from across the river as the diggers move in, but where is Ruby, and how will the animals and birds on the allotment band together to save her?

This charming and beautifully comedic tale shows the importance of friendship during difficult times – how regardless of species, kindness really does matter, and it teaches us to tread gently on this world.

Experience the fun of the fair at the annual Harvest Mouse Festival and join Rodderick, Mabel, the Bodgers, Digger the mole, and rabbits Clever Trever and Bunny Bonkers as they race against time to bring Ruby back to the safety of the allotments.

‘How perfect is this book for young children? Introducing fantastic characters that you can truly believe in and get swept away in their adventures. Story writing at its finest…..’

-Amazon Customer Review

About the Author: Lynn Carter is most at home in the Oxfordshire countryside where she lived on her family farm in Cumnor. She trained in pharmacy at the Royal Infirmary and later moved to Abingdon-on-Thames where she finds peace amongst the local allotments. Her plot, no. 59, really is where Rodderick and Mabel live, secretly under the floorboards of her shed, and Ruby the deer visits to nibble the gooseberries. Lynn, a causal allotment holder (or ‘lottie’ for short) gardens with wildlife in mind. The plots and beehives in the wood are neighboured by expanding gravel quarries and now a new housing estate. This is Lynn’s first book in a series of ‘The Country Tales’ to feature Rodderick and Mabel, and their allotment friends.

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